Welcome to the home of Manchester PHP Developer, Mike Thornley....

I'm Mike, a Manchester based PHP Developer who specialises in writing code, sometimes breaking it and having lot of fun when fixing it again; I do all this whilst holding the record for the most cups of tea consumed in day! I am very happyily these days mostly immersing myself in LAMP development and being an all round tickerer.

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and welcome to my quiet corner of the internet...

I'm a PHP Developer from Bury, Greater Manchester . I consider my immediate speciality to be, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, git and Linux. I've some front-end skills and a little knowledge of the WordPress framework, which this website is running on, and consider myself primarily, a back-end developer.

I currently specialise and focus on PHP development and hold various specialist CIW certifications in Web Development. I am a programmer with a rarity; the benefit of a personality and only a healthy amount of ego. As this is my personal site, I have been known to experiment from time to time so things here could promptly change! I tend to be quite keen to try and grasp new technologies quickly.


PHP Development

PHP scripting currently is where my speciality lies and I have some experience with MVC frameworks & principles, mostly experience of using a custom in-house PHP framework and Fat Free (f3). In addition I have Linux and git experience, and some knowledge of the WordPress framework.


Front-end Development

Although most comfortable on the back-end, my front-end skillset includes, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some jQuery as well as an understanding of some of the front-end frameworks and pre processors. I have also used HTML5BP and the Bootstrap framework to assist websites to become device agnostic.


Search Engine Optimisation

I have a keen interest and some knowledge of SEO techniques, using on and off-site practices, in order to yield and maintain results through natural organic search. I always try to make my websites search engine friendly, with good quality semantic copy and without employing any black hat tactics.

What I'm up to

Firstly, please no CV harvesting recruitment agencies touting for clients, as I not looking for a new role! Although, I am happy to connect with you over on LinkedIn if you are amongst the small number of professional recruiters out there. I'm currently working for the local authority, in Manchester, as an Analyst.

I've just recently also completed the ITILĀ® Foundation certificate in IT Service Management certification.