Hi, I am Mike, a Manchester LAMP Stack Developer.

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and welcome. I am Mike Thornley, a Manchester based LAMP stack Developer, living in Bury, Greater Manchester. I have had several iterations of my website over the years but now prefer this much simpler and cleaner look and feel.

I have a few years of development experience under my belt working mostly with the LAMP stack of technologies. My experience has consisted of a well established motor factor and some experience within the shipping and freight industry, but the last couple of years I have spent time working in the public sector on a variety of projects - some of which have exposed me to Machine Learning. I have written different applications for differing sectors and this diversness has enabled me to truly hone my skills to maximise in getting to know customer requirements better as they have varied so greatly between roles.

As my last role involved #EdTech, the team I worked within explored the possible use of machine learning within current and new PHP applications, these were mostly behaviour management related. My main focus was PHP development, but did on ocassion involve utilising the Watson API in order to create and extend the usual development approach and saw me involved with creating tailored, yet intelligent, educational applications maximising intelligently sourced data. Applications as a result could be written yielding contexualised results and augmented other roles within my organisation. This assisted staff members to work smarter, enabling them to access relevant information quickly and in a more intelligent manner from the organisations datasets.

I am fairly adept in grasping new technologies, which I love and I am currenting focusing my efforts on learning the PHP Laravel framework. I'm also a good communicator with proven interpersonal skills and have a natural ability to convey technical concepts to an often, non technical and multi-discplinary audience. As a result this has enabled me to obtain the best project requirements from stakeholders in order to meet expectations.

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Data modeliing & MySQL/MariaDB




JQuery & AJAX






git version control










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I write clean, semantic, commeneted code and work with HTML5 and CSS3 markup on the frontend. Usually for projects these days, I tend to use Bootstrap as I find this meets my project needs quickly and adequately. I aim for a clean look and due to browser incompatabilities and differing standards, the fact Bootstrap is cross platform compliant and most importantly, device agnostic, proves a useful addition. (A mobile first approach is definitely the way I work, regardless of the tools used). I have also used some templating engines, like blade, commonly used in Laravel development. Additionally, I have working experience and quite like both JavaScript and jQuery, which complement my back end development skills well. I plan to move on to visit Vue.js and perhaps, GridCSS pretty soon to try and eleviate some weight on the frontend coming down the pipe. Overall, I much prefer to work on the back-end stuff, feeling most at home dabbling with classes and databases.


LAMP stack development is the core of my experience so far - whether that has involved simple projects or more complex solutions, including code written using the MVC framework methology. I've also worked in an Agile environment so can see the benefits that approach can often have to a team project delivery. I have also used several custom MVC Frameworks, as well as the very lightweight and lesser known PHP micro-framework for smaller projects, Fat Free. I am getting more familiar with PHP 7, having migrated my last employers code base to the newer version along with updating code to work with the newer MySQL APIs. From a CMS prospective, I also like and have some knowledge of the WordPress platform and prior to this site, it was my preference for a site build. As always, in order to collaberate and control code versions generally in the best possible way, I use version control to organise and store code, using git. This is my prefered versioning tool for the management of project code using online repos, such as Bitbucket.


For an organisations datasets to be used efficently and utilised to their full potential, an intelligient approach can be adopted in order to provide contextualised results for many areas of an industry. I have experience of contributing to APIs for a Machine Learning client bot, using this very principal and can see the benefits to this technology. Utilising various in-house datasets and external APIs, namely the IBM's Watson engine, I have worked on personalised services in order for results to be contexualised and gathered intelligently using NLG and NLP. As a tertiary service to the projects I have worked on, my team and I have also used Wolfram Alpha as further fall back when results can not be provided due to the nature or language used in a particular query. In 2018, the team I was previously part of were lucky enough to be nominated for 'Outstanding use of technology for improving teaching, learning and assessment' at the TES Awards in London. We later then went on win the Association of Colleges Beacon Award.

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You can contact me through the services above, or using the contact form below, or directly by email. I am always happy to chat with new people about work projects, learning and networking opportunities, or perhaps you want to stop by and just say, "Hi" .