Welcome to Mikedeveloper..

The home of Manchester Web Developer, Mike Thornley..

and welcome to my website. I am Mike Thornley , a Certified Web Developer from Bury, Greater Manchester. I specialise in PHP development currently and I hold various Specialist CIW certifications in Web Development.

I am a programmer with a rarity; the benefit of a personality and only the usual amount of ego. As this is my personal site, I have been known to experiment from time to time!. I hand coded the site and haven't used WSYWIG software as I prefer the control and love to get down to the grit with code!. I also have some knowledge of the Wordpress platform and use this to speed up development.

This is about the fourth version of my website, which has maintained it's original theme more or less. It's fully responsive and has used the HTML5 Boilerplate framework to underpin things, although initially it had been entirely hand coded and had used Media Queries to ensure it was adaptive. I've also used Google fonts for some added aesthetics.

I have a keen interest and knowledge of SEO techniques, using on and off-site practices, in order to yield and maintain results through organic search.

What I can do...

Specifically, my skillset is as follows..

Front-end Web Development

  • CSS 2/3
  • XML
  • jQuery (inc plug-ins)
  • Media Queries/RWD frameworks

Client & Server Development

  • OO PHP5
  • JavaScript
  • Linux Admin
  • Wordpress

What it is I do...

More specifically, what I am doing now...

Firstly, please no recruitment agencies touting for clients, as I not looking for a new role!. Although I am happy to connect with you over on LinkedIn if you are amongst the small number of professional recruiters out there.

I'm currently working as a Software Developer with some real talent over at Tetrosyl Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester.