About Mike

MikeI'm currently working as a Delivery Analyst/Programmer at Manchester City Council. Prior to the council, I was working as a Software Developer for Tetrosyl Ltd, based in Bury (The inventors and producers of the legendary T-Cut product.). I had initially cut my teeth working as a PHP Developer for Cardinal Maritime (writing freight related apps) in Wythenshawe, South Manchester.

In terms of myself and my interests, I have consistently attempted to keep my web expertise and skillset broadening since finishing my certifications. I do enjoy coding, with my primary concentration presently being PHP & MVC frameworks, JavaScript and MySQL scripting. I've also dabbled with some WordPress development, Perl (certified in 2011), jQuery, and the YUI library to mention a few other technologies of interest to me. I'm also open to new concepts and methods and continue to learn at a steady pace.

I'm always reading blogs and articles as a means of staying abreast of new web development news and technologies, resulting in sometimes an attempt at reviewing them and some products and generally rambling about items of interest - my musings can be found on my blog, which you can subscribe to. I am also quite active on the social media scene and love (have) most kinds of tech related gadgets.

As for the tools of the trade, I have a relentless (but not limited) relationship with Windows (and a deeper one forming with Linux), and am an avid Android user. In general, I have a love of open source technologies. I am mostly these days working with the LAMP stack of technologies.