Arcade Game: Bloodrunner (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Linux and Mac.)

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Arcade Game: Bloodrunner (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Linux and Mac.)

Cross platform game: Bloodrunner for Android, IOS, Linux & Windows.

I have recently completed a work related MySQL course with a view to completing another certification. Interestingly, whilst on the course the instructor, Freelance Web Developer Gary Rigg, mentioned aside from the usual and varied web and mobile application work he does on a Freelance basis, he has developed a number of games including Ninja vs Aliens, Pabland and my personal favourite (and I get the impression his), Bloodrunner – an Arcade Game for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Linux and Mac. Surprisingly, it’s not had that many downloads (within 50 – 100), which when you view and play the game is very surprising.

The Plot

In BloodRunner, you take on the role of a miniaturized criminal agent piloting your craft throughout the human body (the owner being revealed later in the game as part of the plot). There are 12 arcade style racing levels, where you will explore the whole human body (You can use the screen or your device Gyro on the phone for piloting the craft) as you control the target host and find your escape!. Your alley, Clive from “the agency” is your only guidance, he’ll be your advisor and sole link to the outside world and you’ll see on screen messages from him. It’s packed with plot twists along this fantastic voyage arcade style, race against the clock action. For such a reasonable price (a mere 99p in the UK), it is very worth the pound of investment required.


The graphics are exceptional firstly in their 3D detail. You’ll see yourself in 3rd player mode, hurtling through the blood system, inside a cell nucleus, back out and around the heart, the eyes, the brain, the inner ear, the lungs, and more!. In addition, the plot has a few twists and turns. You’re in for one great adventure!. It’s bascially Innerspace on steroids!. You’ll need sharp reactions to avoid the dangers lurking in the body and to gain power ups as you gain momentum. Of course as with most game play, time will always be a pressure as you progress and navigate the body. This game is very reminiscent of the aforementioned Innerspace, perhaps meets The Fantastic Voyage (old but I have seen it and not a single rabbit involved) and in my opinion the idea works exceptionally well!. It is also just difficult enough to hold the players attention and to keep them wondering what’s coming next. I found personally using the Gyro gave me the best game play experience, once I had mastered basic piloting of the craft.


After playing this game during my brief downtime this week, I immediately loved it!. The very concept, the gameplay, the detailed 3D graphics and the challenges within the game make very it playable. In addition, the price i thought was too cheap. It’s so very detail orientated, with every conceivable consideration having been considered during the development. The cells, blood vessels and even a baby amongst other items are within the body as you navigate around. Some items are often foreign bodies but this is a game and they are related to anatomy, so they compliment the game play nicely!.

Things I particularly liked:

  • Graphics – are of a very high 3D quality and intricate in detail.
  • Gameplay is fast and inline with the idea.
  • Game controls – using either your device Gyro or, your screen controls.
  • The price – a very reasonably priced game, giving others out there a significant run for their money and mostly costing more.

This game in my opinion is both vastly under exposed and sadly underrated and should have received more interest. It’s available cross platform for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s well worth a look and you can get Bloodrunner over at Google Play.

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