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Samsung Galaxy S3 review

Jun 22

Samsung Galaxy SIIIOk, so I got my new ‘Marble White’, 16GB, Gorilla Glass 2 (uses PenTile matrix technology) fronted, Samsung Galaxy S3 2 weeks ago (wasn’t able to get new Pebble Blue due to the paint issue Samsung is experiencing). So for the last fortnight I’ve been playing and experimenting with all these great new and exciting features. I had an HTC Desire previously (non HD) which was my first taste of Android and so initially I felt pretty spoilt with all the new features Samsung has boasted about during the pre-hype launch. I also know a few people who have the S2 and they’re more than happy with that handset so I was even more interested knowing that and to get to grips with things generally. continue reading…

Apple and their carelessness in Foxconn

Mar 11

iKill graphic

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Failed promises of Android 2.3 Gingerbread…

Jul 27

AndroidLike many people with an Android phone, in my case the older non HD HTC Desire, we subscribed to the maker as it’s without a doubt a good product (so much so Google bought it). It’s an alternative to the usual iPhone, it’s Open Source, cheaper and very soon will be equally, if not more popular than the iPhone. Currently, Android market has in excess of 300,000 apps which is increasing all the time. When I switched I liked the open source aspect of the OS. Its ability to sync my other Google accounts fairly dynamically in addition was a great bonus. I also liked the fact it’s customiseable in that the dev community can contribute to it’s ongoing overall development through apps with an open SDK (something apple doesn’t have which is still being improved on). Promises of access to the Bootloader should be coming soon. And of course, Android Market is far more user friendly than that horrid, stand alone app iTunes which requires a download. continue reading…

Some perils of online buying and what to look out for….

Jan 30

Is online shopping more convenient?
We all know the benefits of online shopping. Most of use this method time after time. Today, it’s secure and can be very safe thanks to varying technologies and systems the internet employs including HTTPS (explained better later) and various levels of encryption during payment which protects us and makes the whole process pretty effortless. There isn’t anything really continue reading…