Failed promises of Android 2.3 Gingerbread…

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Failed promises of Android 2.3 Gingerbread…

Failed promises for Android GingerbreadLike many people with an Android phone, in my case the older non HD HTC Desire, we subscribed to the maker as it’s without a doubt a good product (so much so Google bought it). It’s an alternative to the usual iPhone, it’s Open Source, cheaper and very soon will be equally, if not more popular than the iPhone. Currently, Android market has in excess of 300,000 apps which is increasing all the time. When I switched I liked the open source aspect of the OS. Its ability to sync my other Google accounts fairly dynamically in addition was a great bonus. I also liked the fact it’s customiseable in that the dev community can contribute to it’s ongoing overall development through apps with an open SDK (something apple doesn’t have which is still being improved on). Promises of access to the Bootloader should be coming soon. And of course, Android Market is far more user friendly than that horrid, stand alone app iTunes which requires a download.

I am however, like many people I expect starting to lose patience with Androids stall tactics. Once I got my handset (just over 12 months ago) I soon had an update to my current version of the OS 2.2 Froyo and then to be told not too long after and read fairly consistently, a further upgrade is on the way with much improvement to namely HTC Sense. This new OS update initially Android had no intention of issuing to older phones due to the fact most didn’t in their opinion, have enough memory to manage and operate the OS effectively. In fact, the last I heard the update was going ahead and was supposedly in the ‘development phase’ but I have heard nothing since. I ponder if this was simply lip service and whether or not that final update will get the final rollout to more seasoned users with older handsets. Here’s hoping.

Looking at the infographic below, a few newer handsets have had their upgrade and brand new ones naturally come with 2.3 Gingerbread as default, tablets with the newer 3.0. Root access to the Bootloader by default was discussed but again I have heard very little in terms of a follow up and there seems no new news on what’s happening with the older models. Concentration seems to have shifted again to the current market and potential buyers. 2.3 is now is almost 8 months old!. And Androids big mistake in my opinion is the fact they are neglecting current users for potential customers, focusing soley it appears on what they consider new business. This is another downside to being locked into a 2 year deal with your carrier, the obvious inability for you to upgrade earlier in light of new developments which seem to occur alarmingly fast.

As you can see the Android platform is evolving and being updated at an alarming rate.

Update: Finally, after a lengthy wait Android have released 2.3 Gingerbread for the older HTC Desire available here. The update however won’t be that simple and you should download and install with caution, after of course you’ve backed everything up and read the guidance notes!. You can read more here on the update. Good luck if you decide to take the plunge. I’ve decided against sadly, after some more reading.

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