Google Chromecast lands…

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Google Chromecast lands…

Google Chromecase lands.I’ve just ordered the long awaited Google Chromecast from Currys online. It’s also available at Amazon and the Play Store, despite earlier reports in the week, mostly by Currys, saying they weren’t selling it yet and it wasn’t on their store system. It’s the same price regardless of which retailer you choose and, it’s very reasonably priced at just £30 (much as quoted and expected). Of course I expect stocks to run out quickly given the long anticipated wait and the hoards who’ll descend on their local retailers today.

Now that the Chromecast is supporting more services with it’s SDK being out in the wild, I’m expecting a raft more services (and hacks) to be added in the coming weeks, more so now the UK market is finally flooded. Companies that are pledging future support include, Beats Music and Rdio so there’s more goodness to come!.

All you need is a compatible device such as an iOS/Android phone/tablet, Chrome for Windows/Mac browser and essentially, the WiFi connection. It’ll enable you to stream your content to any HD ready TV, simply slotting into the HDMI port. Your device effectively will then be your remote control.

Currently, it’s supported by these services…

  • Nextflix.
  • Youtube.
  • BBC iPlayer.
  • Google Play movies.
  • Google Play Music.
  • Songza.
  • Red Bull TV, which offers up original extreme sports, lifestyle and music programming
  • * Plex
  • * Real Cloud Player

*Allows you to watch locally stored media, such as ripped DVDs via your Chromecast.

I’ve also been told earlier by a friend, it can stream music to some legacy devices, as an alternative to investing in a Sonos, although for that you’ll need an additional connection and the sound quality has been questioned. More here.

I can’t wait to get mine and get started!. If you’re a user in the UK (having had it a while, maybe buying in the U.S) or got one earlier today or are from the U.S, how do you rate it?. I’m interested to know and I expect it’ll do well in the consumer market here being such an established brand.


I changed my internet provider recently to Virgin (currently whooshing away at 100 mbps and it’s great). However, imagine my disappointment when my Chromecast no longer would cast my favourite content!. It turns out, with the new Hub 3 which Virgin issued, a problem with the firmware exists (which they know about but won’t fix!.). This essentially means, with the Hub 3, 2nd Gen Chromecasts work without issue but Gen 1 users are left out in the cold!!. Very uncool, Virgin!. Hang your heads in shame!.

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