JavaScript Certification….

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JavaScript Certification….

My JavaScript certificationWell, I finally got around to sitting my JavaScript Specialist Certification last month, with Taitec testers in Manchester and here’s the proof!. I’d done quite a bit of work and sweating for the exam (bearing in mind all the way, the strict retest policy my course has within it’s conditions) and thankfully, the work paid off. Otherwise, I’d have been undoubtedly hit with retest fees. I’m now learning Perl programming (One of the 3 P’s, Python, Perl & PHP), which is interesting me. It appears a very powerful language yet difficult to debug so I feel I’ve been quite spoilt with JavaScript and the various tools I’ve been using to resolve issues.

I sat my exam quite quickly, only taking 20 minutes or so to do an exam expected to take an hour and ten minutes, so I’m assuming I must have known the subject area well as I was confident I’d done fairly well. My intentions now are to explore JavaScript at a much deeper level and maybe specialise, in a framework later. I’m considering maybe, the jQuery framework next but we’ll see what happens. Truthfully, I am currently undecided. I like to raw code at this point and I have read/heard mixed reviews about people deskilling themselves with dependencies on libraries for long periods of time. This is definately something I’d want to avoid.

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