My final CIW Certification: The Site Design Specialist…

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My final CIW Certification: The Site Design Specialist…

CIW SIte Design SpecialistWell, I finally got around to sitting my final cert last week at Taitec, the Site Design Specialist Certification and thankfully am now at the end of the certification course. Whilst I enjoyed the CIW program and found the material pretty easy to follow, for various reasons, most probably a lot of consistent minor gripes for me I doubt I’d follow that particular route again!. All in all though I enjoyed the bulk of the learning and it was a good grounding into Web Development having known very little to start with but I strongly suspect there are far better and more creditable cert providers out there. As I also intend to keep consistent in the learning and broaden some already aquired skills I might indulge with more later to always keep improving my skillset. For now though I’m happy to just study some new materials I recently bought on some server side stuff c/o O’Reilly.

Talking of gripes with CIW, in particular it’s worthy of note, I wasn’t fond of their tutor support (or lack of it, they answered e-mails but not with solutions to issues). Most issues I tended to resolve myself at the popular or through some very helpful contacts I’d made along the way. Big thanks to @WardellDesign in particular for all your efforts and patience!.

The retake policy CIW have is also questionable (always, always read the small print), which stated you had one attempt at the exam or you’d have to pay a fee which isn’t cheap (You’d already paid for the first attempt in the initial course fee). I also had to pay again for the exam each time by credit card to get reimbursed by CIW sometime later (usually involving me having to chase it up with a call and e-mail). Fortunately for me, I sailed all 4 exams on the first attempt so that wasn’t a great concern.

On to some server side stuff now, beginning with PHP & MySql.

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