New Android game: Retaliate…..

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New Android game: Retaliate…..

Retaliate, game for AndroidI got a tweet at the end of the week about Retaliate, an Android game and the maker wondered if I’d like to feature and review it here on my blog. I said I’d happily oblige and ultimately give an unbiased opinion, in addition to the fact I am not a gamer. This post in any case as a result will be short.

It’s a typical shoot-em-up and I kind of like that format and games that follow those simple kinds of idea as I remember them vividly from childhood. The game play overall is quite good, as is the graphics but the obvious downside is, there are ads. I know, blah!. You can alternatively, buy the game in the Play Store and be done with those pesky distractions. Why not help out the developer and spare some change!.

The game is conceptually simple and essentially Space Invaders with a twist I would personally most liken it to. The controls are pretty easy and have to be on phones i think so they got that pretty much spot on, as is the concept of either shoot or shield with crafts approaching you and by absorbing their shots, you’ll in turn get ammo. You’re pretty much just moving left to right during game play with the enemy approaching you constantly. I think nowadays, it’s more about the simplest concept as those are the things that make games interesting and easy to get in to with a take on something already amassing a cult following helps – there’s always something interesting about the seemingly retro!.

I like this game – I’d probably quite enjoy playing it regularly during my downtime, if i had the time to game properly. Knowing it’s an Android game would always be of interest to me anyway as it’s simply just born of wonderfulness (Android, well Android Java). If anything this week, it made breaks more entertaining so well done guys, you have a thumbs up!.

Check it out at the Play Store.

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