New opportunity in pastures new.

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New opportunity in pastures new.

I decided to move on last month from my role as I wasn’t getting on and developing my skill set quite as quickly as I’d hoped for. During my search, I came across a great opportunity via a recruiter, with Manchester City Council as a Delivery Analyst on their Microsoft Web Team. I applied and am happy to say, was successful in getting the job!

The role is still coding and i’m pleased to say, still PHP mostly, but it should also see me up-skill on to some other interesting technologies the council are using to develop, maintain and grow their systems. The local authority has a variety of systems, which assist their core services and some are accessible by both their employees to assist in their day-to-day roles and the general public to gain access to authority services. The council in-house build and maintain some of these systems and my job directly will involve some input to that process.

Some new technologies I hope to get some exposure to could be of the Microsoft offering, so if I do get exposure, we’ll see how I fair get with grasping those along the way. Either way, I am very excited to be moving on to a new challenge and meeting some other great people!

Additionally, i’m also intending next year when I am more settled with the new role to perhaps do the Zend PHP Certification as i’ve thought about it for a while now and having worked commercially with PHP for a couple of years, I’ve found I quite enjoy it. I’ve also heard quite a few people chat about the areas of PHP they didn’t know much about before they did the cert but have now become more comfortable with as a result. So hopefully, next year, i’ll get that done.

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