The datamatrix and the iPhone……

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The datamatrix and the iPhone……

Mikedeveloper's data matrixHaving tried out a few free apps in the past couple of weeks on my iphone and liking some, finding some even useful and thinking others just didn’t deserve the developement time, Apple have written a cool app!. The i-nigma barcode scanning application. It is now available free, from Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store (simply search for i-nigma in iTunes). iPhone & Android users can now decode QR, Data Matrix and Aztec Codes from one application with one click. Here is the iTunes store application description:

“Scan a Mobile barcode, Quick Response barcode or Data Matrix barcode by placing the handset’s camera 10 – 15 cm above the barcode. i-nigma will automatically detect and read the code when selected, and instantly present the code’s contents on-screen”.

Create your own personal code that links to your website or maybe has your contact details and you can show it off to your hearts content. I use mine currently on social network sites. You can create a code easily here with an input form, which will allow a data matrix to be generated for you which you can save as a .PNG image file.

Install the app and you‘re one easy click away from information you want – obtainable by just clicking, using the app and the phones camera (automated). The datamatrix you want to read is read within seconds!!. lt’s so easy to use. No typing URLs into your browser, no painful search engines, no cumbersome menus to navigate. Simply no hassle.

Many companies are starting to utilize 2D codes… install the i-nigma and start taking advantage of them today.

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